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Please Note: We are actively monitoring the current and potential impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on our customers, and our customer operations team is working hand-in-hand with our hotel, car and flight partners to help make trip changes and cancellations as simple as possible.
We’ve reassigned agents from all over the business to work as fast as possible to respond to all incoming customer contacts via the channels listed in our FAQ page, and are therefore unable to offer customer service via email. To get their questions answered as quickly as possible, we urge travelers to read our latest recommendations on amending their booking here:

For us it's all about finding and delivering incredible deals. Hotwire is a leading discount travel site that offers ridiculously low prices. How do we do it? Hotwire has special relationships with major travel providers to help them fill airline seats, hotel rooms, and rental cars that would otherwise go unsold, so our customers get them at prices lower than many other travel sites.

Unlike other discount travel sites, our posted price model makes it easy for our customers to find a great deal. No bidding. No hassle. No games.

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