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You’re finally planning your trip to the Paris of the Midwest, and you couldn’t be more excited. You should be! You are in for a great time with all there is to taste, eat, do, and see in Detroit. If you’re in town for business and have some extra time to spare, you can set your wheels to the pavement for some exploring. From nature-appreciating day trips and sightseeing to self-led food tours and nightlife fun, you are bound to have an amazing time in The Motor City. Wheels are probably already turning in your mind, thinking of things you’ve always wanted to do here. But pump your breaks. First, you’ll need to secure a car rental with Hotwire. After that, you’re freed up to plan the fun stuff.

Mo’-tor do and more to see in Detroit

Sampling Detroit: here’s no doubt that you will encounter foods with lots of flavors when you visit Detroit. If there’s one thing Detroit chefs do well, it’s put their local spin on classic dishes. Take hot dogs, for example. Detroit took a traditional North American snack and jazzed it up with a Motown remix. Grab a bite at Lafayette Coney Island to see for yourself. If your travel style often features one-off adventuring, Detroit Shipping Company, a restaurant and beer collective, certainly fits the bill. The 10,000 square-foot food hall features restaurants, bars, art galleries, and a stage. Oh—and it is made entirely of shipping containers. How cool! You can sample some of Detroit’s staple foods at Motor Burger, Momo Cha, Coop Caribbean Fusion, and more. Going out for drinks? Willis Show Bar is one of Detroit's most culturally significant bars, offering specialty cocktails and live shows since the 1920s.

Venture Out: Sure, the city has its mesmerizing wonders, but with a Hotwire car rental, you can venture out. Ann Arbor, Michigan is just 45 minutes from Detroit. Dip away for a day to indulge in wine tasting at its world-class vineyards and nightlife scene. You can attend the Ann Arbor Summer Festival if you happen to visit during the summer. Want to stay in the city? No problem. Venture outside for adventure under the Motown sky or should we say—Motown moon. Detroit River Sports offers the full moon paddle kayaking adventure, a quiet paddle that journeys through the Jefferson Chalmer’s neighborhood to Lake St. Clair under. If you visit Detroit in September and October, you can enjoy a spooky adventure on the dark side of the canals. If you aren’t a night kayaker, don’t worry; opt for a historic canal tour in the fullness of Detroit’s day.

Mission—Michigan: Fill your itinerary with a few cool and unusual attractions. If you’ve ever listened to a Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, or Diana Ross song, the Motown Museum is must-see. It is the original headquarters of Motown Record Corp. Motown Museum isn’t the only legendary attraction in Detroit. The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant was not only the birthplace of Ford’s Model T, but it also now holds a plethora of antique cars that appear to be frozen in time. Speaking of being frozen time—Detroit is home to hundreds of abandoned buildings that serving as historical museums and snapshots of the past. If you want to tour actual museums, you have plenty of options. You have the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, Dossin Great Lakes Museum, Michigan Science Center, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Detroit Institute of Arts, and the Detroit Historical Museum to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions about Detroit Car Rentals

How to get cheap last-minute hotel deals in Detroit, Michigan?

With Hotwire, securing a cheap hotel in Detroit is easy. With Hotwire, you don’t have to compromise comfort for a lower price; you can have both. Just plug in your search criteria, and Hotwire pulls from its inventory of competitively priced hotels in Detroit. To save even more money, book a Hotwire Hot Rate. If you don’t mind leaving your hotel choice in Hotwire’s hands, you can save up to 60% off car rentals in Detroit.

Who has the cheapest car rental rates in Detroit?

Want to roll through the streets of Motor City in style without having to break the bank? Hotwire has you covered. Hotwire offers competitively priced deals on Detroit car rentals for as low as $59. For bigger savings—book a Hotwire Hot Rate to save up to 60% off a last-minute rental car. The longer you wait to book your rental, the more money you save. Saving money on a car rental means you’ll have more to spend on your Detroit adventures.

What car types can I rent in Detroit?

Detroit offers an extensive range of car types—from road trip-ready SUVs to sleek sedans with serious curb appeal. The good news is, when you rent a car with Hotwire, you can score a rental for a cheap price, whether you need an economical ride or a luxury car rental in Detroit.

What car rental companies are in the Detroit airport?

Detroit’s airport (DTW) has a variety of car rental companies, including Enterprise Car Rentals and Alamo Car Rentals. It may seem easy to try to get a last-minute car rental after your plane lands, but it’s risky. Last-minute car rentals in DTW don’t offer the deals you are sure to get when you book a Hotwire Hot Rate. With Hotwire, there’s no need to worry about missing out on prices from your favorite car rental brands. Hotwire compiles the best deals from all car rental companies at DTW so you can easily compare pricing.

Is it safe to travel to Detroit now?

With all the recent COVID-19 closures and reopenings, many people are wondering, “Is it safe to travel to Detroit right now?” Be sure to keep up with recent information on travel and destination restrictions. When booking your next trip, refer to the guidance on traveling during the coronavirus pandemic to stay safe.

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